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"Accessible Arts Education for All Abilities: Fostering Compassion and Creativity"


At our art school, we are dedicated to providing enriching arts education to children of all abilities. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to foster important social and academic skills such as problem-solving, self-expression, and self-discipline through artistic exploration.

We prioritize inclusivity and collaboration, creating a supportive and joyful learning environment where children feel valued and empowered. Our experienced educators tailor their lessons to accommodate different needs and interests, understanding that every child has a unique learning style and abilities.

We believe that the arts have the power to positively impact children's lives and contribute to their overall well-being. Our mission is to inspire a love of art in every child and help them discover their own creative potential. Whether a child is a beginner or an experienced artist, we provide a safe and nurturing space for them to explore their creativity and develop their skills.

The Giraffes Art School About Us


Our experienced and passionate educators bring a unique perspective and skillset to the classroom. They prioritize inclusivity, collaboration, and empathy, creating a supportive and joyful learning environment for children of all abilities.


Shima Dehghan

Shima, our licensed Early Childhood Educator with over 22 years of experience teaching visual arts to children. Her expertise includes working with special needs students and practicing the Reggio Emilia and Montessori approaches. Shima creates developmentally appropriate lesson plans for students of all abilities and believes in tailoring her teaching to each child's interests and abilities. Her focus on inclusivity ensures that every child can grow and learn as a whole.


Ladan Nejat Hosseini

Ladan, a talented artist with a Bachelor of Arts in photography and a Master's degree in genetics, has found her true calling in the visual arts. Inspired by Alice Neel and Lucian Freud, she refines her figurative drawing skills through workshops with Iranian expressionist painter Ali Zakeri. Ladan's work has been exhibited in three group exhibitions, including the prestigious Atashzaud Gallery in Tehran. Passionate about using drawing and painting to support children's cognitive development, she creates personalized lesson plans for parents to track their children's progress.


Alex Asli

Alex is a professional singer, guitarist, songwriter, and composer. He holds a classical music diploma from Capilano University and has a wealth of knowledge in music theory and history. Alex has released over ten successful songs with more than eighty-two million views and has performed on stage several times.

He also has experience teaching guitar and singing, working with special needs students, and collaborating with Radio Javan Label.


Neusha Sharafi

Neusha is an accomplished artist and art teacher with a passion for sharing her love of creative expression with students. With experience in oil painting, colour pencil, and watercolour, Her commitment to delivering high-quality instruction and a positive, encouraging attitude make her an ideal addition to our art school team. Neusha's students benefit not only from her technical skills, but also from her passion for learning and her dedication to helping them achieve their artistic goals.


Maria Bathayi

Maria, our experienced pottery instructor at Giraffe Art School, has over 10 years of teaching expertise in pottery and ceramic arts. With a background in crafts and a major in pottery and ceramic, Maria's passion for working with clay started at a young age when she loved playing with playdough. Maria believes that playing with clay has numerous benefits for children, improving their fine motor skills and boosting their creativity. She finds joy in seeing her students' personalities reflected in their artwork and considers teaching her true passion


Trevor Whitridge

Trevor is a skilled musician in Vancouver, playing the trumpet and piano since 2013. Originally from San Francisco, he started as a sideman before eventually leading his own groups. At 13, he had his first paid performance with the marching band, Too Big to Care, and played at the Vancouver Folk Festival and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Today, Trevor is a sought-after musician in Vancouver, playing various genres such as jazz, funk, Latin, and pop music. He also teaches music privately and at The Giraffes Art School, sharing his passion and knowledge with aspiring musicians. 


Kian Kazemi

Kian, an experienced piano and music teacher, holds a Composition Major from the Vancouver Academy of Music. He has won several awards, including the Best Pianist Award in Karaj, Iran. Proficient in classical piano performance, music theory, and composition, Kian currently teaches piano and kids music at Giraffes Art School. His dedication lies in creating a positive and enjoyable learning environment, fostering a deep appreciation for music among his students. With his expertise and passion, Kian strives to instill a lifelong love for music in every student he teaches.


Alina Asgari

Alina Asgari, a seasoned Music Teacher with 14+ years of expertise in Viola and Violin, seeks a teaching position. Her diverse background includes organizing Children Music Events, conducting a Chamber Orchestra, and coordinating string quartets. Fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Farsi, she brings strong communication skills. Alina's performance experience spans orchestras in Iran and Ukraine, complementing her educational credentials—an impressive Specialist's Music Diploma from Kiyv State University and a Music Diploma from Chernigiv Music College.

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